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Binaural Panner – VST plugin

I’ve written a Binaural Panner VST plugin using algorithms described in the previous post. I used the popular JUCE C++ library (which is a no-brainer choice for writing VST plugins these days). JUCE doesn’t offer any API for FIR filtering so i needed to write fast convolution myself and for that I used kiss_fft which is a small, but quite fast FFT library. The GUI elements (like head icon) are hard-coded as C arrays. You can choose between 3 different HRTFs from the CIPIC database. There is a lot of room for optimization, for example crossfading between previous and next impulse response could be stopped at some point, interpolation could be done doing adjacent walk…but i wrote it as an experiment (I always wanted to make my own VST plugin someday!) so it’s not meant for any serious use. In the future, I plan to dive into Ambisonics, so I’ll probably include this HRTF panner as part of the ambisonics decoder plugin…I hope to have more knowledge and experience with HRTFs by that time so I could create an average HRTF that sounds reasonable for most people and that’s when I’ll consider this plugin for serious use.
Source is available at my repo on github. Here is the screenshot: